Andrew PellDiscendi Amor Santo (Come down O Love Divine)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Discendi Amor Santo (Come down O Love Divine)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Discendi Amor Santo
This is a phrase that would certainly want to make you tango.
But it is more than human emotions that make us react.
God is in the form of Truth, God is the breath of life; God is exact.
Hear, read, study and memorize.
For you have now heard and accepted the Divine prize.
Say it again “ Discendi Amor Santo” Say it once more.
For the heavens will open and there will be continued outpour.
This is no magic, incantation or spell or mantra that we use as a chant.
God’s promise is that his love will implant, supplant and transplant.
Discendi Amor Santo, you will be transformed by his love.
His Love falls like gentle rain from high above.
Yet it begins with each and every one of us.
There is no need to make a loud noise or cause a fuss.
Prayerfully say the words “Discendi Amor Santo”
Say them again “Discendi Amor Santo”.
Come down O Love Divine.
These are healing words to the spiritually blind.
Give a stranger a smile; greet a friend with a kiss.
These are life’s simple pleasures that never go amiss.
Discendi Amor Santo

© Andrew Pell 08/03/08

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