Lance LandallDeep And Virulent
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Deep And Virulent
Poetry by Lance Landall

Have you ever stopped to think, just how sick this earth has got, And lest you disagree, friend, Iíve prepared a small snapshot. Itíll only take a minute, for very quickly youíll see, A picture thatís disturbing, one to ponder thoughtfully.

Thereíre people killing creatures, for monetary gain or sport, And there are many women, who little babies abort. There are those who kick and punch, till someoneís bruised and bloody, Believing that itís just sport, yet, the killer instinct study.

Thereíre those who rape and murder, or who pedal snuff movies, And there are horrid bullfights, where matadors cruelly tease; Eventually the bulls die, their bodies punctured by spears, Thrown periodically, ímidst sickening yells and cheers.

Thereíre muggings and beatings, thereíre wars, and settling of scores, Disturbing scenes on TV, that children watch, while Daddy snores. Many pierce their body, due to a barbaric craze, And gratuitous violence, thrills more people these days.

Thereís random stabbing, or shooting, gangs that roam and attack, Accelerating bullying, those who vicious Ďdog fightsí back. Thereís spouse and child abuse, shocking animal cruelty, Wide spread self destructiveness, and unpredictability.

Occultism and witchcraft, many openly advocate, The sordid, weird and macabre, many seems to fascinate. The gruesome and the ghoulish, are captivating more minds, And the more one looks around, much more of these things one finds.

I know itís quite depressing, but itís time we faced the facts, Thereís no time for inaction, we canít afford to turn our backs. Weíre heading for disaster, yes, that point of no return, Where, when having reached such, our sad fate, too late, will learn.

Yes, thingís arenít getting better, for weíre in a tail spin, Thereís an illness, deep and virulent, thatís found its way in. I fear that a prognosis, would leave us without a doubt Our conditions terminal, unless thereís a change about.

We canít allow this cancer, to continue to devour, Otherwise, friend, ultimately, it will overpower. Surgeryís badly needed, we canít afford to delay, Or we will soon discover, thereís greater cause for dismay.

íThough thereís no simple answer, there are things that we can do, That will help reverse this trend, that disasterís leading to. I hope that youíll consider, this little snapshot Iíve penned, And that youíll help stem this tide, lest, humanity, disastrously end.

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