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Cosmic Children
Universal Manifestation
Some realize at Birth
Yet most have not Awakened
To have the Knowledge
Of their Celestial Worth
If Life were a Mountain
We would Be the Summit
For we stand above the Rest
We are the Focal Point
Of Creation and Extension
Of the Spark that Begot
The Birth of our Universe
To inherit this Realm
Playground of our Alpha and Omega
Temporal Transitory Life
Soon we shall return to the Oblivion
From whence we were issued First
But now is our Lust and Passion
We possess the Beastly Thirst
We take the Life Spark
Of our own kind we Feast
Like a Blind Ravenous Beast
Yet nothing will Satiate Us
All within our Reach
We Destroy the Harmony
Granted to all at Birth
Only those of Primitive Intellect
Will see the Valueless in All
They are deaf to the Screams and Pain
Averting their eyes to All they Disdain
How can One not Know
We all feel the Same
Those of Cosmic Mind
Will see all have True Worth
Animal and Man are Sown
From the same Celestial Fabric
We represent the One
The Ultimate Original Spark
That brought forth the Light
Out of the Complete Dark
Trillions of Sparks that Radiate
In the Sky in the Night
Each are Sacred Cosmic Light
So as we bathe in the Celestial
Greatness and the Might
Let us not forget we are To
Proliferate and Multiply
To fill the Vacuum
And to Expand
The Precious Light
For Animal and Man
Are Granted that Right
All with Breath Share
The same Spirit Light
But when we leave this Place
What has Worth
No Diamond or Gold
Will come with You
They are Temporal Fluctuations
Just as your Body is Dust
And shall return to the Earth
I and the Universe are the Cosmic Burst
Spirit will fly to the Original Point
Beyond Time and Form
To where Yin and Yang are no More
The Bubble we call this Universe
Will one day Disperse
To be Reborn Again and Again
It has no Beginnings nor End
Every Manifestation
Is as Special as the Past
We learn to ride the Waves of Life
Forever without End
Like a boat that cleaves the Waves
Yet as it moves leaves no Wake
Soft and gentle no Ripples
I pass from Life to Life
No Lives to Destroy and Take
Like slashing our own Throat
With a knife would we Benefit
From Destroying Life
Extinguish all the Stars
That Burn at Night
What a frightful Thought
Bring Cold and Darkness
To the warmth of Sacred Light
So open your Mind and Behold
The Revelation of the Oneness
Of all with Life and Light
We are the True Bearers
Of the Sacred Celestial Light
Now and Forever shall it be Known
Like the Tides of the Ocean
The phases of the Moon in the Sky
We Come and Go
Precious the Light of all Is
Preserve that is to Preserve your Own
Forever shall we Roam
Each Transformation and Incarnation
Is our only True Home
We are Truly the True
Cosmic Children

 ~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 04/18/13

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