Andrew PellCompassion is an Underrated Gift
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Compassion is an Underrated Gift
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When someone is in need are we not filled with compassion?
Unfortunately helping someone today is not in fashion.
This is one gift that connects us to divine.
God sees what you are doing. Such pleasure does he find.
Even helping animals is a God inspired thing to do.
It is part of Godís total love. We need no cue.
All life is divinely inspired
We are not Robots with circuitry and wires.
We have the gift to render assistance.
Smash the barrier of selfish resistance.
Submit totally to Godís purpose and will.
Think of God and let your mind be still.
Let unconditional love infuse your whole body and soul.
Step up to Godís purpose and embrace being bold.
Compassion is an underrated gift.
Embrace it, change your life by it. Experience a quantum mind shift.

© Andrew Pell 30/09/2013

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