Andrew PellCo substantial Co- eternal
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Co substantial Co- eternal
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

This is Christ and the Church for all eternity.
Word supreme before creation,
One with the Father before the world was formed.
Always moving without cessation,
Universes and Micro universes created and formed,
In a microsecond of Godís time and space,
The Heavens and the Earth beautifully crafted and transformed.
God is not governed by Manís conception of Time.
All the stars and planets echo praise to the Everlasting Father.
This creation of the heavenís and the Earth is truly sublime.
The Angels and the heavenly hosts give thanks and praise at Godís Holy Altar.
This is beyond our human and finite understanding.
To the myriads of the many Universes and Worlds, God has brought Order.
We like the Angels should give thanks everyday for the Omnipotence of God the Father.
Blessed be the name of the Lord. A-Men

(c) Andrew Pell 06/04/2020

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