Andrew PellA closed life can be endured but not lived (Anon)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A closed life can be endured but not lived (Anon)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

God gave us all the precious gift of life.
There will be good times and bad times.
It doesnít matter whether we are rich or poor.
Happiness or sadness will still come knocking at the door.
Even when things go wrong please still be positive and prayerful.
If we focus on the positive our cup of life is always full.
If you have been hurt try to step outside of those feelings of being hurt and being negative.
When things do go wrong it makes us more alert and we should then focus on the positive.
If people hurt us we do not necessary forget but we can forgive.
Do not see life as something that must be endured.
If we take a walk in a beautiful garden or near the water, Godís beauty surrounds us.
See life as a magical experience creating something new and wonderful each and every day.
God will always show you the way.
Live life and learn to thankful and content.
Unexpected surprises happen which may be heaven sent.
Do not live a closed or solitary life.
Embrace and enjoy life every second of the day.
Do it today and please do not delay.
If you are troubled simply ask God to help you pray.
Embrace the magic and wonder of what life can give to you.
If you are lonely someone may cross your path that you may fall madly in love with.
Never think life is dull.
Reach deep down into your Soul.
Remember past happiness that you have experienced and lived.
When you are positive beautiful and wonderful miracles will come your way.
It may happen tomorrow or it may happen today.
Be open to receive the many blessings and love that may come your way.
Live your life in peace happiness and harmony.
Then your mind and heart will be open for all to see.
Such happiness and peace will set you free.
Love is the ultimate Key.

© Andrew Pell 21/02/2021

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