Andrew PellChristís Open Tomb
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Christís Open Tomb
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Good Friday saw peopleís hopes dashed.
Their belief was momentarily smashed.
Then on Easter morning at first light of day,
Godís divine redemption came into play.
An open tomb was bathed in surreal light.
A heavenly light that did shine bright.
No longer sealed and no longer sealed.
Manís sentence had now been repealed.
The message of the tomb gives hope.
Godís love enables all to cope.
Because of Godís love we are not alone.
Godís promise is set in stone.
The open tomb illuminates our mind.
We are no longer spiritually blind.
Eternity now enjoys Godís wondrous light.
There is no longer darkness or night.

© Andrew Pell 05/08/12

Christ's Open Tomb

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