Jenny MoxhamCarols By Fireworks
By Jenny Moxham
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Carols By Fireworks
By Jenny Moxham

Why fireworks at Christmas?
That's what I'd like to know.
Why turn a time of peace into
A loud and noisy show.
A show that's not just noisy
But that causes massive fear
To every single animal
Who happens to be near.
We should be spreading kindness;
We should be spreading love;
Not launching noisy, terrifying
Rockets up above.
So lets get rid of fireworks
And remember Jesus' birth,
Is a time to show goodwill and love
To EVERYONE on Earth.
This was published in the Yarra Ranges Journal (18/12/2007)
It was written because numerous places have been advertising Carols by Candlelight with a fireworks finale.

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