Andrew PellBeings of Light
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Beings of Light
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

I love you for the person you are.
You shine brighter than the brightest star.
Each moment with you is eternal bliss.
Each interaction with you is a spiritual kiss.
Our souls from the past re-unite in the present.
You are a gift from God. You are heaven sent.
No rose can equal your statue and beauty.
Your divine nature and presence is a heavenly key.
Your Inner light is most radiant and shines so bright.
You touch the hearts of many; you bring them from darkness to light.
I am but a channel from the heavenly beings around me.
Your pure love and compassion they will always see.
Nothing is by chance or by co-incidence.
Your presence and nature has a divine radiance.
Love with every passion blending.
Godís outpouring on earth is now descending.
Mother Mary inspires me to write.
I write because you represent the Inner Light.
Never doubt or question your self worth.
You are one of the angels of light on this earth.
They speak to you as an angel of light.
They empower you with their heavenly might.
I have a spiritual love for you that no one can understand.
We are souls from the past, who now at crossroads do stand.
Walk victorious as the child of God you are.
The heavenly hosts and angel guides are not very far.
Spend a moment in prayer with them everyday.
To you there is so much they want to say.
They love you and protect you as one they hold very dear.
Recognize that they walk with you and have no fear.

© Andrew Pell 6/10/2002

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