Andrew PellA Tree in the Meadow
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A Tree in the Meadow
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Visualise a lovely summer day.
Sun beams kissing in cloudless array.
In our mind we enter a beautiful garden of peace.
A garden where tranquillity reigns and troubles cease.
We wander along a white marble path.
Feeling content and enjoying a good laugh,
Intoxicated by the various array of flora.
One no longer feels pressed into a corner.
A white wooden bridge lies ahead.
A softly spoken prayer is said.
Beyond the bridge is a cascading waterfall.
Gently cleansing and reverberating the divine call,
We move on taking all this panoramic vision in.
Our soul releasing all negativity that is stored within,
Purifying, releasing, creating and capturing.
Time is non-existent in this spiritual realm.
God and his angels are at the helm.
Moving on we come to a fountain.
We make a wish to climb our special mountain.
Beyond the rose garden is a single tree.
A tree where we rest, a tree to sit and be carefree,
To feel total love and see with such vision and clarity,
A moment in time when earth stood still and time was eternity.
Give thanks for the lonely tree in the meadow.

(c) Andrew Pell 26/08/12

A Tree in the Meadow

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