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In the beautiful world I see,
there is enough love,
to reach from sea to sea,
from the ground to the sky above.

In this world there is plenty to share,
no reason for war, no reason for hate,
and every being have arms that care,
harmony and wholeness are our fate.

This the world that I see,
when I close my eyes,
to block out the misery,
of a world of hatred and lies.

A world where the gentle hearted
are punished for their affection,
a world where families are parted,
and no one bothers to pay attention.

In the world I wish I did not see,
all pure things are broken,
by unrelenting cruelty,
and acts that remain unspoken.

Those that love unconditionally,
animals or people who care,
are faced with endless tragedy,
with only the solace of prayer.

It baffles the mind,
to think that anyone could destroy,
what is so warm and kind,
what only seeks to bring joy.

But time and time again,
those that hate seek to harm,
and in the end,
they disguise it with wit and charm.

When I close my eyes,
I see that beautiful place,
where all of the hurt and the lies,
has been permanently erased.

Here there is only hope,
and the chance to love one another,
there is no need to cope,
no hurt from which to recover.

Instead those born to love,
are allowed to roam and be free,
from the ground to the sky above,
from sea to beautiful sea.

But I never keep my eyes closed long,
as beautiful as it may seem,
I know I must be strong,
I must not be lost in my dream.

Instead of drifting away to a safe place,
I must pour my love from my heart,
so that one day that world will occupy this space,
and finally we will all be given a loving start.

No more strikes will fall,
on backs never meant to be broken,
no more dirty cages or tiny stalls,
no more abuse and secrets left unspoken.

No more lost and lonely,
wandering the streets alone,
no more unfathomable tragedy,
no more left without a home.

One day I will open my eyes,
and that beautiful world I long to see,
will be what before me lies,
from ground to sky, an sea to sea.

Shenita Etwaroo

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