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Somebody Loves Me

Betrayed and shunned by the world that I loved,In fear, I waited for signs from above;Signs that though I had been prey to abuse,A purpose remained—I had freedom to choose.

Abandoned and broken and torn though I was,I held on through suffering without a cause.But through all my misery, and all my tears,God showed me a love I had not seen in years.

He did it in a quaint and remarkable way;Through my rabbit, He said all He needed to say;That through good and bad someone would always be there,That when I’m rejected, there is someone who cares.

He showed me that life on Earth’s not where it ends,Through the help of my lop-eared, fur-covered friend.I may not have known it at that exact time,But now I see how everything falls in line.

© Shenita Etwaroo

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