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Childhood dreams

I was born in dreams
Of sticky silver stars.
Sweet jars,
Granny’s grin,
Din, of family.

I was born of hope,
Of ideology.
Of a fairy-tale life
And animal companions.

Of sweet green fields
And mooing freedom.
Of baa and snuffle,
Of piggie snorted truffle.

I played,
Proud displayed, farm-set.
Happy falsehoods
And childhood lie.

The sticky stars are gone.
The sweet jars
And grins of old, diminished.

I stand, pinched and tight.
Stomach in knots,
Reality of animal plight. 

But of childish dreams
Of freedom for every creature,
I still hope,
I still believe.

To bring recognition,
And release the gates.
A simple reprieve.

I was born of sticky stars, sweet jars
And emboldened dreams.
Of childhood wishes and kindness.

Of Life without cruelty
...And deliberate blindness.

animal dreams
Art © J.H. Dickinson

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