Jhc Tabucur LyretteAll LIFE IS SACRED: Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

I often look to the heavens
And ask what have we become
Are we no more than parasites
Is that the weight of our sum
The clouds may hang over us
But always there is the sun
Like the radiance of Enlightenment
Open your mind and it will come
Do not close your eyes
From the truth you cannot run
Face what you are and become
A life force that that radiates
Like Enlightenment and the sun
And this Old Masters
Speech is done!
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 10/??/12

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