Andrew PellAll is love and yet all is law
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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All is love and yet all is law
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A quote by Dr Ernest Holmes)

We are all governed by love and we are all governed by the physical and spiritual laws of the universe,
Love is beautifully divine and is a powerful energy flowing through all time and space.
Never losing a second and reaching out to the furthest limits of outer space,
And to the smallest molecule which is in each and all of us.
When you look at that light you can never deny the existence of God the Father and Creator.
We live in a universe that is filled with divine light and love.
Flowing smoothly continuously without any cosmic interruptions.
God is always there past, present and eternal,
We feel love between our family members and those who are dear to us.
All of creation joins in the cosmic praise.
Let us all rejoice together and to God raise our voices in never ending praise and thanksgiving.

Andrew Pell 09/04/2021

cosmic praise

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