Andrew PellAll can be achieved if we truly believe
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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All can be achieved if we truly believe
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Be positive and talk to the universe.
Reach out to God or the universe to bring your dreams into reality.
What you need and what you can see? Will set you free,
God through universal love will bring your dreams and wants to fruition.
There is no time limit or a set of commercial conditions.
Embrace God now and embrace the positivity of life.
There will be no more tension, heartache or strife.
You are in control now because God will show you how.
All your dreams and desires will abundantly flow.
With any negativity simply let it go.
If you love someone tell them today.
This is paramount so please do not delay.
Be strong, be passionate and be caring.
Go to the florist today.
The flowers will speak for you and have their say.
Be positive with no negativity this is the only way.
God is with you, you are never alone.
If you are anxious simply pick up the phone.
A courageous person will be victorious.
God will give you the strength to be who you are.
If you love someone you will always travel far to reach that person.
Embrace love, embrace life as you have never experienced before.
God will always open the door.
If you close the door the magic of life will be lost.
Love God, Love yourself and do not be shy to show love to others.
Trust and embrace and affirmative action is the key.
A new day is beginning for you even as we speak.
We are no longer afraid or weak.
At the end of the day say thank you for a magical day.
Miracles do and will happen if we believe and simply trust.
Allow God to walk with you down the path that you must walk,
The path that you never thought you would take.
How beautiful and divine when you reach the end of your journey.
Open your heart to give and receive.
What a wonderful ending to this story.

Andrew Pell 11/02/2021

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