Andrew PellEaster Sunday Message - 2013
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Easter Sunday Message - 2013
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

This is part of Godís eternal plan.
The Redemption of man,
For Death has lost its sting.
Peace and happiness it now brings.
God himself took on human form and died.
The heavenly angels above cried.
The cross was not the end but the beginning.
God gave man a way out for his evil and sinning.
The Spirit of God brought Jesus back to life.
Victory now complete for this single act of self sacrifice,
Death and evil are no more.
Christ opened the heavenly door.
Each of us has been given our very own key.
Christís death and resurrection has now set us free.
Do not worry about lighting the candles on Sunday morning.
The Candles have already been lit for eternity.
Give thanks to what has gone and what will come to pass.
Our journey is now forever and it will last.

© Andrew Pell 31/03/2013

Easter Sunday Message Andrew Pell

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