About Avery Frosting

Dear Carol,

I am the owner of "Frosting", who is now known as "Avery Frosting", who is an absolute joy. She has quite a loving and playful personality.

She will bring me water bottle caps or a shoe lace tied into a big knot and wait for me to throw it. She then retrieves it and will try to place it on me or in my hand. We can play like this for hours!

She is quite smart, too. She goes up on her back legs and puts her paw on the food container and the other paw up in the air to get your attention. She has other amusing antics as well.

She is still dealing with a cough/eye infection that she had as a kitten. She has been to a vet three times for this virus. It's getting better, but still comes back. The fleas are finally gone! I hope to get her spayed in January when she is healthy and I have the money.

I'm so glad I have her, thanks to you!

Continue your good work!

Karen Currier.

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