Annual Newsletter December 2009

Dear Friends & Animal Lovers

Seasons Greetings from Love ‘n’ Care Pet Sanctuary (LCPS). We wish you a very Happy Holiday & a wonderful New Year. We hope & trust that 2010 will be a good year for you & a better year for us.

Thank You! We want to thank all of you who have adopted cats & kittens, donated money, towels, blankets, bottles & cans, or food to us, or supported us with volunteer work this year. We would not be what we are today without your valuable & continuing support. LCPS has now completed its eighth year dedicated to rescuing & providing care for stray & companion animals. We currently only deal with cats & kittens since the proliferation of cats in the wild is a major problem in Greene County as well as the neighboring counties. We help rescue dogs when the owner / rescuer can keep the dog until a loving new home is found. Dogs & kittens usually get adopted very quickly, but it’s a different story for adult cats.

Community Service In April we received a call from a minister saying that a local family was going to have its 2 young children taken away if they didn’t get rid of their cats and kittens. Accordingly, we took in 4 nursing mother cats, 7 six month old kittens, and 26 four to six week old kittens. Two days later the first kitten died. After 2 more kittens died in quick succession the vet diagnosed the problem as distemper and told us the only way to save the newcomers was to give distemper shots to all of them, even though the kittens were too young. We immediately ordered distemper vaccine for all the cats & kittens, enriched the diets with kitten replacement milk & fresh goats milk, and gave canned food to the older kittens and mothers. Within 1 week of diagnosis we gave distemper shots to all of them. We tragically had 13 kittens die, but we saved the rest and prevented the distemper virus from spreading to our other shelter cats! Everyone says it was a miracle that we saved any of them, but it cost us over $1,000.

Our Expanded Board We have been very fortunate this year to have Dr. Diane Biederman Brynda of the Schoharie Valley Veterinary Clinic LLC join our Board as Veterinary Advisor. She has been a tremendous help with all the health problems we have encountered this year. She is a brilliant diagnostician & extremely thorough in her examinations & tests. She has provided a wealth of knowledge & practical information about various health issues & has guided us through distemper & immune system deficiencies.

Adoptions Our adoption rate this year has been way off, presumably due to the economy. We have adopted 22 kittens & 9 cats, which is only 61% of our 2008 rate. We have spayed / neutered 30 animals & are currently full with 52 cats & kittens. We need to up the adoptions so we will have room next spring when kitten season starts. Last year we told you about our success with adopting Peg Leg, a 3 legged kitten. He luckily no longer needs to have an operation to remove his dysfunctional leg! He is a very happy cat, he has put on weight, & is now a normal weight for his age. He runs around just fine with only 3 legs! We are so grateful to Peg Leg’s owner for taking a chance on him. Since we are a no kill shelter we are falling into the trap that all shelters eventually fall into. All our foster homes are at capacity & the adoptable cats are mostly gone leaving primarily the less socialized, special needs, & senior animals. Our slow adoption rate is because of the huge number of available “free” kittens, the high cost of fuel, the uncertainty of the economy, & the lower disposable income of our Greene Country residents. We pray for an improverment.

Our Population We are currently caring for over 100 cats in foster homes & are helping to support almost 200 cats in 11 feral cat colonies! We are frequently given animals that are not healthy. We treat them for fleas, ear mites, ticks, & worms & take them to the veterinarians for tests, shots, spay/neuter, & anything else they may have, like an upper respiratory infection or an eye infection. All of our income goes to paying for spay/neuter & medical care. We are continuing to participate in a reduced cost food program from the manufacturer set up by AnimalKind – thank you Katrin Hecker.

Cat Sitters Our devoted cat sitters come in twice a day 7 days a week. We recently lost our weekend morning cat sitter, Pam Lane, who has been with us for 1-1/2 years, because she developed asthma. We just found a replacement, Stacey Gardner. We welcome her & hope she will be with us for a long time to come. Carl Hegney & Kim Burger continue as our regular cat sitters & have been with us for many years. They are the ones who make it possible to care for all the cats we have.

Web Site Our web site, provided by, continues to connect us to potential new parents for our cats & kittens. The Pet Adoption Portal allows us to add pets or revise information about a pet & the information is automatically sent to 3 additional web sites where our animals are listed. This gives us extra exposure & increased adoptions. Unfortunately, Petfinder & The Pet Adoption Portal are having a dispute & our pets are no longer automatically updated to the Petfinder site. This means double work for us. We hope that Petfinder & The Pet Adoption Portal will resolve their difficulties soon so that we can go back to entering our pets only once. To view our available pets please go to . We have a number of adorable older kittens available. Rescued kittens & cats are wonderful & eternally grateful to us for saving them from a harsh outdoor life! They are loving, thankful, intelligent, compassionate, & understand they were previously unwanted or abandoned & now have a second chance in life. You can help by adopting a pet or by referring us to your friends & family when they are looking for a new pet.

New Web Site Thanks to Frank & Mary Hoffman of The Mary T. & Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation, we have this new web site located here at It is still under construction but we are populating it with information as quickly as we can. The new site is designed to give us much more flexibility to tell our story & the story of our rescued animals & their adopters. We can expand categories & add pages as needed. We are most grateful to Frank & Mary Hoffman for providing us with a vehicle to increase our community outreach & also to Katrin Hecker of AnimalKind who directed us to them.

Stray Cat Problem The only ones taking any responsibility in our county for cats are the private rescue groups. The number of stray & abandoned cats continues to grow through breeding in the wild and is overwhelming. We are given many kittens because local residents do not have the money to spay/neuter their pets or because they cannot feed the wild strays in their yard. We are also given older pets, which are far less adoptable than kittens, when people go into nursing homes or pass away. If you put $1,000 in your will per cat for us we will take care of your cats for the rest of their lives &/or see that they get adopted into a really fine, loving home.

We Need Your Help. If you would like to help us as a volunteer to provide a foster home, set up a feral cat colony, assist with transportation to spay/neuter clinics &/or veterinarians, help clean the shelter, write a newsletter, write for grants, write articles for the media, or set up fund raising events please call us. We are very under staffed and can use all the help we can get.

Fund Raising We have received $2,200 from the 2008 Federal & State United Way Campaigns – thank you Joe Guastella! This year we were again approved for both the Federal Campaign & the Capital Region State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA). The campaigns close the end of December & we will know in January how much we will be awarded. Carl Hegney & I participated in the SEFA fair in Albany on October 7, 2009 & took a table so we could introduce ourselves to the New York State workers by handing out LCPS brochures, refrigerator magnets, & cat safe Christmas tree ornaments hand made by Maria Mathisen – thank you Maria. This year we have our friends Helen Schneider, who works for the NY State Department of Motor Vehicles, & Ellen Miller, who works for a federal agency both telling fellow workers who we are & what we do. We hope this will increase donations.

On November 17, 2009 at a reception Carl Hegney was presented with a $1,000 grant for LCPS by the Heart of Catskill Association & Catskill Chamber of Commerce from the “Cat’n Around Catskill” Cats Meow Auction & Gala – thank you Linda Overbaugh. Our volunteers helped by selling raffle tickets for the 2009 “Cat’n Around Catskill” campaign. The Twin Counties Cultural Fund & the Greene County Council on the Arts has again awarded us a grant for a theater arts project & performance spearheaded by our sponsored Project Director & Artist, Margo Muller – thank you Colette Lemmon.

Generator We applied for & were granted a 5,000 watt generator through the Power to the Paws program, courtesy of the Foundation & our friends at Merial! It was recently installed & will keep the heat running & the lights on in the winter in case of a power outage. We are most grateful for the generosity extended to us, which will give us peace of mind this winter.

Please Donate If you can send us a donation, it will be very gratefully received & will be put to good use as we have no overhead expenses. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Love ‘n’ Care Pet Sanctuary, Inc. & see if your employer provides matching contributions. God bless your generosity & best wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year.

Carol E. Farren, President & Treasurer
Love ‘n’ Care Pet Sanctuary, Inc.
7080 Route 81
East Durham, NY 12423-1159

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