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True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

FROM Frank L. Hoffman, all-creatures

How do we live in the will of God?

How do we live in the perfection of our Father in Heaven?

How do we manifest Godís heavenly will here on earth?

We do this by being the peacemaking children of God weíve been called to be.

With everything we do, we should seek, as far as possible, to free creation from as much of the corruption to which itís been subjected.

We should let no animal suffer and die for our food and clothing, and we should encourage others to do the same.

We are to speak out against all forms of corruption and injustice, so that every living being can enjoy the life God created for them, and the right to be free.

We can no longer be timid about exposing the truth about our corrupt society and the horrible atrocities that are inflicted upon billions of animals every year. But at the same time we must do so peacefully and legally, so that no one can discredit us.

Just as Jesus called the corrupt religious leaders, hypocrites, so are we to expose the deeds and complicity of our leaders and those who support the evil in this world.

Jesus never compromised when it came to being loving and compassionate. He always helped eliminate pain and suffering, but instead of following His example, the majority of our churches, from clergy and leaders to parishioners support the torture and killing of billions of animals, and we need to tell them how unchristian they really are.

It wonít help to trade Bible verses with them, for they have distorted the Bible to justify their evil deeds. We simply need to expose their cruelty for what it is, and their complacency and complicity in having others do it for them.

We need to comfort the broken hearted when they lose a beloved companion animal, just as we would if they lost a child; and when clergy refuse to do this we should expose their hardness of heart, until they come to their senses and truly begin to serve the Lord our God.

As we bring peace to the animals, we will also find that we are bringing peace to our fellow human beings.

Peace making is an active pursuit. We cannot be peacemakers and sit on our duff. We need to get up and do something, just as Jesus did.

How do we live in the will of God?

We live our lives as Jesus lived His upon this earth.

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