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Window of the Good Shepherd As I sat in Church this morning, my eyes focussed on the main window above the high altar. “The window of the Good Shepherd”, this window is a beautiful representation of Christ’s love for humanity. We like sheep have gone astray.

It depicts Christ holding the lost sheep lovingly and tenderly, leading the lamb to safety.

Minutes passed, my thoughts widened, and my soul and intellect became acutely aware, it is this, but it also much more than this. It refers to the sanctity of all life created by God. All life is sacred. All life must be revered. All life is precious. All life is important to God. All life is divine in humans and animals. As the good shepherd loved the lamb and is guiding the lamb to safety, so we can all become the good shepherd, protecting all animals. We can be like Christ. We have a commission to protect animals and to nurture them and lead them to safety when they are troubled or hungry. We can carry them out of danger. We can protect them as Christ protects us.

Next time you see a picture of “The Good shepherd” visualize yourself as a good shepherd of animals. They need our love and protection as well.

© Andrew Pell 29/01/12

Window of the Good Shepherd

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