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Letter from Anna about Eggs from Pet
Chickens - 11 Sep 2006

Your site says repeatedly the way to stop chicken cruelty is to stop
eating eggs.

That's true as far as stopping eating eggs from those farms.
If you can't give up eggs though....raise your own chickens (or
ducks), or get them from someone where you can actually see the living
conditions of the birds and be sure they are living well.

We raise ducks who are all pets as well as egg layers for us, but when they don't lay enough eggs for our family we buy some from some local friends who
have chickens.

If you have any kind of backyard at all you can keep a couple hens of
either species. They really don't take much space per bird to be
comfortable and as long as you fence well to prevent predators you can
let them run around your yard and eat bugs and so on. A mere handful of
laying hens won't be much to clean up and don't cost much to feed
either. Then you know exactly the living conditions of the hens who laid
your eggs!

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Anna:

Thank you for your comments.

You're correct that raising chickens in your own yard is much better than having them raised on factory farms. But even then most of the male chicks are killed, and what happens to the older hens?

We don't "need" to eat eggs. Why do you believe that some people do?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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