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Junk Food Worldwide – 21 June 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

When watching or reading any news report or program, it’s gotten to the point where I can predict what topic the journalists/reporters will avoid: animal exploitation.

Watching a PBS program about the rising middle class in India and China was no exception. They mentioned that by the year 2025 India’s middle class will reach 583 million, approximately ten times its current size; and the increased use of gasoline, steel, and food were emphasized. I found it interesting (but predictable) that several times positive comments were made about India’s changing food consumption for the “better” (to use their word): more meat, poultry, “protein,” ad nauseam.

No one ventured to address the obvious increase in heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and other diseases that are observed in countries copying western eating habits. Also “interesting” were the scenes showing McDonald’s, and a huge supermarket’s meat department and shelves loaded with cans and packages of highly processed “foods” bearing the labels of Kraft, Spam…. It looks like the rising middle class can’t wait to emulate the eating habits of the western nations. Perhaps the diseases resulting from junk food consumption will be viewed as status symbols! And to complete the vicious cycle, more money will be funneled into biomedical research utilizing animals to find a “cure” for this or that disease of their own making.

Isn’t it strange how “prosperity” is equated by so many people worldwide with the use and abuse of animals – whether as “food” or “entertainment”?

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