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Common Ailments – 27 August 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

When most people think of the negative health consequences of eating animal products, they think of the big killers: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. What they don’t consider, because they fail to make the connection, are all the miserable health problems that afflict those who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD), even if they don’t succumb to the “big killers.”

From our own personal experience, as well as from years of observing other people, we have noticed how common certain unpleasant conditions and ailments are in those who continue to eat the “SAD” way. Nagging discomfort from arthritis pain, back pain, colds, sore throats, allergy symptoms, gallstones, kidney stones, heartburn, irritable-bowl disorders, interstitial cystitis of the bladder, “stomach flu,” etc., are most often caused or aggravated by eating the “SAD” diet. And of course, probably the most common result of the “SAD” diet is constipation – nonexistent in vegans, such as us, who eat mostly unprocessed plant foods.

Even “bad breath” and body odor are brought on by dairy products in people with lactose intolerance, for example. Several years ago, a business associate of ours had this undiagnosed problem that was very obvious. After Frank encouraged him to seek medical help for a diagnosis of possible lactose intolerance, this man was amazed that Frank had accurately pinpointed the cause – dairy products – that doctors had ignored for years.

After all these years, we’re amazed how few people are told the truth or, if they are told, how even fewer are willing to make the necessary dietary changes to spare themselves pain, as well as time and expense wasted on halfway measures. It seems as though many would rather go through life believing the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, or “gimmicks” and “quick fixes” that pass themselves off as “natural,” rather than give a vegan lifestyle a chance.

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