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Milk Can Do a Body Harm – 30 January 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

You’ve probably heard the promotion that says that milk can “do a body good.” Well, there’s a lot of evidence that milk can “do a body harm.”

Prostate cancer is just one of the negative effects of this highly-promoted animal product. Two very large Harvard studies, among many others, show that milk-drinking puts men at a far greater risk for prostate cancer compared to men who avoid milk. Since milk also promotes ovarian and breast cancer, there appears to be a hormonal connection.

And as though this wasn’t enough bad news, add to these diseases milk’s link to type 1 (“childhood-onset”) diabetes, childhood anemia, heart disease, and lactose intolerance.

As I’ve said before, cow’s milk is for cows, goat’s milk is for goats, sheep’s milk is for sheep, dog’s milk is for dogs, cat’s milk is for cats, rat’s milk is for rats, etc., etc.  

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