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Foie Gras Only Produced With Cruelty – 10 September 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

In the 8 September 2006 edition of THE JOURNAL NEWS, Ernie Garcia writes about Westchester animal rights advocates who “are launching a voters group that will push for countywide bans on rodeos, circuses and goose and duck liver paté.”

The article also mentions that: “Chicago recently enacted a ban on fattened goose and duck liver, on the grounds that it is an abusive practice. Similar efforts are afoot in New York.”

“In June, the Humane Society of the United States filed an action with the state Department of Agriculture and Markets to have foie gras declared an adulterated food product, which would ban its sale.”

“Two bills in the state Legislature would ban the force feeding of ducks and geese in New York.”

The article ends with these telling statements: “Marcus Henley, manager of the Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm in Ferndale, N.Y., said his product cannot be produced by letting the birds eat at will. He said the Chicago ban, which is being challenged, has boosted sales for his company, which is also being sued by the Humane Society.”

The admission by the company’s manager that foie gras “cannot be produced by letting the birds eat at will” makes it clear that this is a product of cruelty, and that the birds must be force-fed. Therefore, it follows that those who help produce this “diseased liver” product and the people who buy and eat it, knowing what it is, are complicit in the extreme pain and suffering of these birds.

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