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Cults – 13 June 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

Have you noticed how some people like to throw around the “C” word? Yes, I mean “cult.” If they disagree with, don’t understand, or are afraid of the beliefs or rituals of others, they are quick to label.

Granted, there have always been groups who are tightly controlled by a leader. If these groups do not practice unconditional kindness and compassion, and if they substitute rituals in place of love for all of creation, then, in my opinion, they may indeed deserve the label of “cult.”

Some people would like to apply the cult label to vegetarianism. Most likely ignorance, fear, guilt, and cowardice play a role in such smear tactics. Perhaps deep down inside they know that they are being indifferent to the immense suffering of other animals. So, they attack those who expose the truth simply by choosing a way of life that intelligent, compassionate people have for thousands of years. Let’s not forget that early Christians, many of whom were vegetarians, were accused of being cultists.

I have met vegetarians from many different religious faiths, as well as those who practice no religion. All it takes to make the change is intelligent compassion and acknowledging that all animals have the right to be free of pain and suffering. In my opinion, those who adopt a vegan lifestyle for reasons of compassion for other animals are far more likely to adhere to it. Some people do not realize that this is not a fad. To me, eating other creatures, and knowingly using products made from them, if it can be avoided, is akin to cannibalism.

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