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No! I see all the beauty of God's creation and I'm joyful.  At the same time, I see all the suffering and corruption going on in the world, and feel called to help expose and end it so that we may have true peace and compassion.


More Fun Cooking - 8 Apr 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

Recently we bought (from a food co-op) an ingredient that we had never heard of before: black sticky rice. This rice is probably also sold in “health food” stores.

We have been experimenting with this unusual (to us) rice and are very happy with the results. One of the recipes that we came up with includes plantains. (In my 31 March 2006 Blog, I mentioned using plantains in our Kidney Bean Plantain Chili.)

Black Sticky Rice Pudding The ingredients for our Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Plantain and Orange are as follows:

2 cups Black Sticky Rice, grain 4 cups Water 3 Plantains, large ripe 12 Dates, pitted 3-4 Oranges, Navel

For complete instructions, see: 

Black Sticky Rice Pudding These are the ingredients for our Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Bananas and Mango:

2 cups Black Sticky Rice, grain 4 cups Water 3-4 Bananas, medium to large 12 Dates, pitted 1 Mango

Complete instructions are at: 

For a photo and description of black sticky rice see: 

We have a lot of fun trying new (vegan, of course) recipes or old recipes with new ingredients!

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