Peanut Milk: Good News in a Nutshell
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January 2018

Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough. Not only have I found that when I talk to the little flower or to the little peanut they will give up their secrets, but I have found that when I silently commune with people, they give up their secrets also if you love them enough.
George Washington Carver

The January 17, 2018 issue of AgWeb revealed:

"Peanut Milk The Latest Alternative Dairy Option"

Elmhurst Dairy Processing in New York has created the peanut milk. AgWeb reported:

"The peanut milk is the first in the U.S. and is made from raw peanuts grown in Georgia... A regular glass of peanut milk contains 31 peanuts and 6 grams of protein... The National Peanut Board says that peanut milk has the highest protein content of the non-dairy nut or grain milks."

People have been drinking cow's milk forever and a day. Things are changing for the better rapidly!

Elmhurst peanut milk

The bad news is nothing lasts forever. The good news is nothing lasts forever.
J. Cole

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