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Since the 1970's, the incidence rate of lymphoma, a cancer of the body's lymphatic system, has nearly doubled. Although the increase is not completely understood, a number of risk factors have been uncovered. The latest study, published by researchers at the University of Toronto, looked at dietary factors for this often fatal disease.

The most significant dietary indicators of risk found were meat, cheese, and eggs. Those eating meat every day seemed to have a 30% greater risk of developing lymphoma. Those that ate just 3 servings of cheese a week had a 38% increased risk, and those that ate three eggs a week had a whopping 49% greater risk.[1]

Those that ate nine or more servings of dessert foods like cake, cookies, and doughnuts every week were also at increased risk (24%).

Investigators speculate that this may be due to the trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) present in these foods. So to all the junk-food college vegans out there living off Little Debbie cake doughnuts this holiday season... please reconsider. :)


1 Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention 13(2004):1665.

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