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From Dr. Neal Pinckney

Food Ratio* Serving Calcium
Amaranth 857.1 1 cup 90
Turnip 684.0 1 cup 200
Collard Greens 583.0 1 cup 355
Bok Choy Chinese Cabbage 511.0 1 cup 250
Mustard Greens 490.5 1 cup 150
Seaweed, Kombu (Kelp) 391.0 cup 170
Seaweed, Wakame, raw 332.8 cup 150
Blackstrap Molasses 321.0 1 Tblspoon 140
Kale 225.0 1 cup 200
Okra 197.3 1 cup 90
Broccoli 171.5 1 cup 180
Tofu, firm 141.6 cup 130
Squash, acorn 78.3 1 cup 90
Tortilla, corn 62.5 1 item 120
Baked beans, vegetarian 58.9 1 cup 130
Soybeans 58.7 1 cup 175
Great Northern beans 57.6 1 cup 140
Kidney beans 53.0 1 cup 115
Navy beans, boiled 49.4 1 cup 90
Figs 48.6 5 figs 135
* The RATIO is a measure of a nutrient per calorie. Many foods cannot be accurately measured as called for in recipes. Is a cup of spinach loosely or tightly packed? The ratio column lists milligrams per 100 calories of each food item, a constant value no matter what portion size.

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