Cancer and the Vegetarian Diet - F. Prostate Cancer
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From William Harris, M.D.
December 21, 1999

F. Prostate Cancer


Surprisingly, multiple regression analysis of prostate cancer incidence (32) versus the same dietary and social variables showed the highest correlation with animal source calcium intake (R=.74, p<.01) (33), which in general means dairy products. Animal source Calories came in second and plant protein had the highest negative correlation coefficient (R= -.49, p=.0052). This finding is consistent with a cohort study of 20,316 men of various ethnicities interviewed between 1975 and 1980 in Hawaii (34) that found beef and milk consumption to increase risk for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer, once again, is a sex hormone dependent cancer (35). A more recent study again identified animal source fat as a risk factor for prostate cancer, particularly in blacks (36).

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