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Thy Will be done..?

Limits of Love

In the UK alone 700 million animals are killed every year, for no other reason than to cater for an acquired taste for their flesh. The process takes place out of sight - in the hope that it will remain out of mind - in slaughterhouses that thrive on ignorance.

The massive, institutionalised violence that takes place is not a Christian state of affairs but a mockery of civilisation. Yet the endless gallons of blood, spilt so wantonly, are often condoned by "Christian" theologies, lacking reason, compassion and most importantly, conscience: The quiet voice of God within.

Vegetarianism is but one small step towards approximating the peaceable kingdom on earth but it remains a powerful statement against the conduct of the world. When the ghastly spectacle of God's animals reduced to chunks of flesh is more widely perceived as an insult to the Deity, the peace so often prayed for in churches will become a reality.

God's infinite love cannot be rationed. The time is overripe for the true spirit of love, peace and mercy that flows from the Gospel, to be extended to all who are capable of receiving it.

"At harvest festivals it is custom to thank God for the fruits of the earth. But who would think of laying upon the altar the carcass of a slaughtered bullock or lamb? The fact that any decent person would shrink from doing so is a clear indication that we know inwardly that God does not intend us to slay the creatures for food"

Rev. V.A. Holmes-Gore

"These we have not loved" - 1942

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