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Short Extracts
The Way of the Holy, Harmless Lamb

by Hannah Hurnard

"As it takes some time and sincere effort to change over from the fallen tastes and customs accepted by the world, and to be able to enjoy once again the Garden of Eden tastes in food, and as we are all hoping and praying for the establishment of God's Kingdom here on earth as soon as possible, it seems only wise, as well as happy, to make the change over now, so that we shall not need to feel ashamed and unready at our Lord's coming. When this is our motive it will go a long way in making it easy for us to get free from the cruel eating habits to which we have become accustomed, and not only to remain well but to improve more and more in health of mind and body.

Moreover we shall find that the compensations which follow this "counting of the cost" are so enormous that when we begin to experience them we truly do feel that no cost or "sacrifice" can be too great in order to enter into these higher joys and blessings. Especially when we believe that "Sacrifice is the ecstasy of giving our best to the One we love the most", and finding that, in return, He bestows on us His best and loveliest blessings."

Originally published and distributed gratis by the Bible Lands Society:

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