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Short Extracts

From the Introduction to God's Animals by Dom Ambrose Agius, O.S.B., M.A. (Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare, 1970)

"This is a book which is long overdue. For many years a number of people have been asking their religious leaders for answers to questions concerning animals and it has been their frequent experience that they receive only unsatisfactory answers. So unsatisfactory in fact that they have been known to leave the Church altogether, unable to reconcile the replies given with their conception of the mercy and providence of God. Or, if they have persevered, it is with a troubled heart, as if 'a black cloud had settled over it'. And that lasting for years.

And even when, with faith and humility, they resolve to wait for enlightenment in God's good time, they were completely at a loss when, as often happened, their friends asked them: "What does your Church have to say about cruelty to animals?'

As we know, and as everyone should know, the Church has the answer to all the essential questions about animals, although, as Cardinal Newman and others have said: 'the animal world is more of a mystery than the world of angels.' (Ark 71, p.19; Abbe Fremont. L'E. p.232).But it was no answer at all for sincere people to be told that animals have no souls and so one should not bother one's head about them, or that there are enough human beings for the Church to worry about or that God gave over animals to human beings, who can therefore do what they like with their own property.

These thoughtless, evasive and often impatient answers, cause unnecessary pain and frustration, and sometimes calamity. For they are simply untrue or only so partially true that they convey a completely false impression. And the tragedy is that the Church, through the voice of some of her most illustrious as well as authoritative members, has said enough to comfort the hearts of all animal lovers. And she has behind her, in this, both Scripture and the record of her canonised Saints. As, we hope, this book will show."  

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