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Short Extracts

From: Animals and All Churches, a forty page booklet published by Victoria Lidiard (1889-1992) in 1989. The author was the last surviving suffragette to have been sent to prison

"It is only love for Our Lord which can open the door at which He is still knocking.

We can pray to and love God in our minds.

But prayers which do not lead to any action are useless if our hearts remain dead to the sufferings and torture of both animals and humanity.

Real love for God or any living thing leads to positive action.

What have Churches done about the care and welfare of Animals?

If they have been active the results are very poor.

The time has come when All Churches should definitely lead with love and prayers - followed by action.

Love never counts the cost and it may be heavy.

Our Lord said he would come again - quickly - and that we should be prepared for His second coming.

What a sorry place this world is for His return!

The intense cruelty of man to man - and man to animals is past understanding.

Animals are being used - all over the world - for experimentation - at an appalling rate.

The suffering caused is quite beyond the imagination.

Judgement will surely come to us for this state of affairs.

We are all in the same boat sailing the same way.

We, individually, and the church - must take over the steering.

Prayer and love are the greatest powers on earth.

Use them now - with action - for His second coming."

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