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Short Extracts

From the Introduction to Kingdom of Neighbours by Canon H.J. Hammerton (Crusade Against All Cruelty to Animals Limited, 1970)

"This is a book about the relationship between men and animals. Its aim is to provide this subject with some biblical basis. It is well known that in discussing man's treatment of animals people find it more than usually difficult to maintain a sense of proportion. Perhaps that is the reason that many Christian writers and speakers avoid the subject altogether; they may be afraid, too, of the company they will find themselves in if they declare themselves. But judgement cannot remain in a permanent state of suspension. Modern developments in the use of drugs which require animal experimentation, as well as the increasing extent of intensive farming, are making such heavy demands on the animal world that the Christian conscience must be severely challenged. It cannot pretend the problem is not there, for, as Burke once said, "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

"Some time ago, I included a lecture on modern treatment of animals in a course entitled 'Matters of Life and Death,' and I was impressed by the way that interested people seized on this and used it to the best advantage, inviting me to do the same. It appeared it was something of a novelty for a churchman to champion the cause of animals. This keenness of theirs moved me to think that I ought to be prepared, as they are, to use every opportunity to further the cause of animal welfare and not just to talk about it. I did two things: I became associated with the Crusade Against All Cruelty to Animals, and I explored the Scriptures to see what guidance they offered in our dealings with animals. The result of the second is this little book."


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