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A Joyous Christmas for All Creation

The celebration of the birth of Christ "with the oxen standing by" by the mass slaughter of millions of animals and birds the vast majority of which have, moreover, been specially reared in broiler houses for the purpose, must strike all sensitive and kind people as being horribly inconsistent with the fullest meaning of Love. It all began when the early Christian Church for convenience fixed the festival to coincide with the ancient pagan festival which was held in honour of the rebirth of the sun at the winter solstice, and it is to be regretted that this is one of the "small beginnings" of the conforming of the Christian Church to the ways of the "world" which has lasted right down to the present day. It is felt, however, that there are many who would try to make Christmas a time of rejoicing, not only for humans, but for the rest of God's creatures if they but knew how, and it is the purpose of this leaflet to show how it can be done, whilst keeping the menu along the usual orthodox lines, apart from the meat dish which does have to be different:

Included recipes from Quick and Easy Menus for Joyous Living by Kathleen Keleny with a Lentil and Walnut Roast as the main meal.

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