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Fur farmers often use genital electrocution to kill animals for fur mainly because it's cheaper than other killing methods
23 June 2008

To ensure undamaged pelts: An alligator clamp is attached to an animal’s ear, or a metal conductor is forced down the animal’s throat. A second clamp grips the animal’s labia or an electric prod is shoved up the rectum. The killer flips a switch to send a 240-volt shot of electricity through the animal’s body. The animal jerks, stiffens... teeth fall out. The animal convulses trembles and cries. The electrical current only works as a paralyzing agent. The animal remains conscious for as long as 2 or more minutes to feel the excruciating force of the massive heart attack. This particular process is also deemed “unacceptable” by the American Veterinary Medical Association because it causes animals to suffer from cardiac arrest while they are still conscious.

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