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19 May 2008

Likelihood of a vegetarian reaching the age of 80 compared to a non-vegetarian: 1.8 times greater.

(Comparison reflects the statistic after adjusting for smoking)

  (Key, T.J.A., et. al., “Dietary habits and mortality in 11,000 vegetarians and health conscious people: results of a 17-year followup,” British Medical Journal 1996:313:775-79; See also Key, T., et. al., “Mortality in vegetarians and nonvegetarians: detailed findings from a collaborative analysis of 5 prospective studies,” American Journal of clinical Nutrtion 1999; 70(sup):516S-24S;And Frentzel-Beyme, R., et. al., “Vegetarian diets and colon cancer: the German experience,” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition1994:59Ssup):1143S-52S) [02.07.27:07]

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