Stop Rearing Livestock... The Climate Solution
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FROM Jordi Casmitjana,
September 2021

We all need to change and do it immediately. Climate change is here now. Fires, floods, drought. And, it’s getting worse fast. The human race cannot afford to ignore the plant-based solution. Our lives depend upon us making this shift.

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Paul Simon’s rock classic, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, lists the many ways to escape a bad relationship. Now, vegan activist Rebecca Knowles gives us 100 ways ranchers and farmers can escape from animal agriculture. Her list could literally prevent Planet Earth from becoming unlivable.

Why Is Escaping from Animal Agriculture Crucial?

To solve the global environmental crises, we need to stop rearing livestock. From the arid deserts to the cold arctic, every cow, sheep, pig, or chicken reared for food or fiber is making climate change worse. We’ve destroyed much of the earth’s forests to create cattle grazing land and to grow crops to feed 80 billion farmed animals slaughtered yearly.

It's Crucial to Reforest Land Destroyed by Animal Ag

Every tree, bush, or plant grown to replace animal grazing land could lessen the climate crisis. Why? Trees absorb carbon, the leading greenhouse gas. If we return grazing land and farmland back into forests, those reforested regions could sequester, capture and absorb the gases that raise the earth’s temperature. And, eliminating animal agriculture would also eliminate huge amounts of two other climate-crippling gases, methane and nitrous oxide, produced by the animals and their waste. All this would help lower the earth’s temperature, something the human race desperately needs to accomplish to avoid catastrophically high temperatures that will spark an ecological collapse…and soon!

Ending Animal Agriculture Would Solve the Climate Crisis. But, Climate 'Experts' Refuse to Look at This Solution!



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