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Outrage: Five Equine Babies “Vanned Off” at One Track in One Day

July 2022

Horseracing Wrongs demands that the New Mexico Racing Commission close Ruidoso racetrack immediately to end this cruelty.

Ruidoso racetrack

I have been doing this for nine years now, but I believe I’ve encountered a first with the racing at Ruidoso (New Mexico) yesterday.

In a day of “trials” for 2-year-olds, in addition to multiple “bumped repeatedly,” “bumped both sides,” and “bumped hard,” five – five – of the babies were “vanned off” (read: better than even chance of dead):

Eye Caramba, born Mar 23, 2020
Mr C Jess Curves, born Jan 25, 2020
Friday Night Fire, born Apr 25, 2020
Fly Back With Joy, born Feb 22, 2020
Ghost Witha Fire, born Feb 5, 2020

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