Wildlife Watching Vs. Wildlife Killing

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Wildlife Watching Vs. Wildlife Killing
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 18 Dec 2009

Dear Cilla:

Thank you for writing back. We now know you were referring to Patricia Randolph's efforts in Wisconsin. We have exchanged several emails, which resulted in our publishing the article and alert. We also would like to work with you.

We are all too familiar with DNRs and Encons or whatever they call themselves, and for the most part they are conspirators in the premeditated murder of innocent living souls who want to live and enjoy life as much as we do.

We seem to go a step further than what you wrote about owning animals in common. We don't believe we own any animals. They belong to God, and we are only charged with protecting them and the environment. And, in the process, we can truly enjoy wildlife.

We agree with Patricia's and CASH's approach of using the economic advantage of animal watchers to force legislators into changing their laws to protect the rights of these non-hunting animal watchers, and to end their support of the hunters.

We have also been working on the religious community to show more empathy for all animals and to end their support of all forms of animal exploitation.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary