Wildlife Watching Vs. Wildlife Killing

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Wildlife Watching Vs. Wildlife Killing
Comments by Cilla - 18 Dec 2009

Frank and Mary,

I enjoyed your reference to animals killed as "innocent souls." I am an agnostic but have my own personal relationship with God. I just don't subscribe to any particular religion--I guess I'm like Thomas Paine: "The world is my country, doing good is my religion." IN any event, you should read Katherine's new children's book. It sort of follows up on the C.S. Lewis approach to animal life. I personally feel that if humans have an afterlife, so do the animals. I hope my non traditional religious views are not problematic to you, because I very much want to work with you.

Let me know how we can help one another and, mostly, all of the animals that we love.

Cilla at Raccoonwoods