Toward a Theology of Animals


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Toward a Theology of Animals
By Jack Ferguson - 21 Nov 2011

These comments are in reference to: Toward a Theology of Animals

God never commanded this world of horror. The only authority God gave was dominion. To dominate does not mean torture or exterminate species and habitats. It does not mean ruin the Earth. It does not mean to breed ourselves into oblivion for the inability of the soul to control instincts of the body. It was realized in St. Francis who loved all Earth’s citizens and in some Buddhists sects.

Evil is the intentional, unnecessary harm to innocent beings. and good is the intentional love and care of innocent beings. This is what I write about in hope that I can change it to some degree and put the world project on another direction.

Your site and others will change the world. The fight has just begun. To control the evil in society will realize the Garden.

Take care.