Toward a Theology of Animals


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Toward a Theology of Animals
By Jack Ferguson - 20 Nov 2011

These comments are in reference to: Toward a Theology of Animals

A theology of animals begins with an ontology. Animals are innocent beings. They are free of moral choices, hence incapable of evil. Rational human beings choose evil or good. There is no way out. The treatment of animals including the human animal by human beings indicates a soul full of evil or good and a society capable of monstrosities or the greatest good.

In short, there is no rational argument possible that animals do not have innocent souls and are simply deprived of rights other than human arrogance built out of its contempt for innocence.

No animal has wreaked its environment more than humanity and knowingly terminated thousands of species in the name of God. It is astonishing and can only be despised by God.

The Garden of Eden was given by God and remains the divine model for the Earth and all citizens.

Prof. Jack Ferguson