They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Juli - 18 Feb 2009

Appreciate your thoughts, Betty. I'm sure many others have similar family experiences.

It's doubtful anyone would call meat-eaters "stupid" or "cruel" or any other negative term while attempting to convince them to change their ways. We might think all sorts of things about people for all kinds of things they do that we would never state in ways that would offend them, especially if our hope is to reach them and help them consider other paths.

I think when we deal with people we know personally, it can be fairly simple to gauge which approaches in discussion are most effective, and then know the best way to proceed. That said, I think an "all cards on the table" is equally important, because knowledge is power, and hidden truth is truth denied, and we can never really know what tidbit of information is going to "flip a switch" in another person. So I guess if we at least offer whatever knowledge we have, however briefly, we've done our "job" as best we can; it's out of our hands beyond that.

Yeah, I'd love to be lifting weights at 103, too, haha...


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