They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Juli - 17 Feb 2009


I never said I discounted the health perspective, only that I don't believe it should be the only perspective addressed, since in my view, that only perpetuates and validates the idea that only human life is important, which is the crux of the problem.

This might return to the matter (I believe discussed here before) of whether it's better to accept whatever may save a few lives but doesn't address the core issue that would ultimately save many more lives, or better to go straight to the core issue. That may depend entirely on the person, so there are many different kind of seeds to plant. No one would argue that it's better to save one life than none, or to stop some suffering than none, but it's probably not a bad idea to consider what will eventually do the most good for the most beings of all species.

That said, I feel pretty sure everyone here is aware that we're "no better than anyone else", haven't forgotten "from whence we came", remember, "there, but for the Grace of God, go I, don't "exclude anyone" from our message of compassion, and realize very well that "it is God who changes hearts, not us." I find it interesting that so often here, when opinions are offered about the lack of compassion observed in other people who are involved in meat-eating, there are insinuations about judgmentalism, self-righteousness, and some inherent belief that we're "better than" other people. Actually, that very insinuation could qualify as those things. It's one thing to have reasoned discussions about these issues; it's another to preach at other members.


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