They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Elaine - 17 Feb 2009


Whatever it takes to get someone to change their diet and eliminate animal products from it, accomplishes our goal of eliminating animal suffering. So don't discount the health perspective.

Unfortunately, many, I believe the majority, of Christians don't care about animals or their suffering, but they do care very much about themselves. So getting them to reduce their consumption of animals and animal products also reduces the suffering of animals, whether intentional or not, it works! Whether you think those human's are worth saving or not, what they are eating directly has an impact on animal welfare. So, get them on board any way you can, period. Its not our place to judge who is worthy and who is not.

Much of the resistance to our message is due to the self righteous attitude of many vegans/vegetarians. We have to stop that. We are no better than anyone else and most of us were in the same place as them and resisted changing our diets too. Let's not forget from whence we came. And let's remember, as Paul noted, there, but for the Grace of God, go I. Lets remember that our message of compassion should not exclude anyone. Besides, it is God who changes hearts, not us. We just keep planting those seeds.


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