They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Daniel - 17 Feb 2009

That is one of the useful things about a Christian approach to animal rights or environmentalism for that matter, it gets people to self-sacrifice, something more secular approaches have failed to do. Good point!!!

Also, certain earlier Christian mystical traditions oftentimes often believed that there are things more important in life, than even ones own health and well-being, e.g. Franciscans.

I also agree totally, that enlighten self-interest arguments only takes you so far. It is oftentimes best to go straight towards ones higher natures.

I agree-the argument for health is not the primary issue-although it does serve as apologetic purposes.

Meaning, there is no excuse for not being a vegetarian. I know, that we lost my sister to meat-eating, she was a one time vegetarian, for her boyfriend's family convinced her, that she needed to eat meat for her health. This is not the first case I ran into. Yet, I did not become a vegetarian, for health reasons, or even because I did not like the taste of meat. I was a real meat lover. I became a vegetarian, for it was the right thing to do. Basically!!!

Finally, the lack of self-righteousness, a more loving approach, is one of the things which is appealing about a Christian approach to animal issues, which secular approach simply do not provide, I write about this in my book, Christian Environmental Studies, which is available at, Kindle Store. I have a chapter on "Animal Theology." I am of a belief, that being a good witness is vitally important.

Agree, that meat-eaters can be absolutely obnoxious. I know this from personal experience-I have also read part of Carol Adam's book, Living Among Meat Eaters.

Yet, we can be the bigger people. Particularly, since we are Christians.

Daniel Salomon, n/OEF

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